Discover Dadà's Black Friday

Black Friday is an anniversary born in the United States, which practically marks the beginning of Christmas shopping. Its peculiarity is to offer deep discounts on everything.
Think that the big American chains even open at midnight to welcome customers. For some, the expression Black Friday was born in Philadelphia and derives from the heavy and congested road traffic that develops for the occasion on that day. The echo of this anniversary is so strong that it has now also arrived in Italy, becoming more and more present, year after year.

The new Dadà Concept Store online store could not be an exception, presenting three of its outfits most appreciated by customers and followers on Instagram, with an unrepeatable discount on the items that make up these outfits.
30% discount only if you buy online!

Let's see in detail what are the discounted Dadà outfits for Black Friday 2019 and let's talk a little about the very special brands, which are only a part of the careful international selection of French Isabella.

LIVEN is a symbol of chic simplicity and timeless classics, one of the oldest leather clothing manufacturers in Italy.

His pieces express a perfect mix of androgyny and feminine appeal, clean lines with an indispensable touch of glamour.
Burgundy leather coat Liven: -30%

VIVETTA is a contemporary Italian brand founded in 2009 by the stylist Vivetta Ponti. Her clothes exude carefree frivolity, while also embodying an ideal of assertive femininity. The brand finds inspiration in many sources: poetry, dolls, antiques, 1950s furniture and 1960s and 1970s tapestries, to name but a few.
Red paw pants by Vivetta : -30%
Black sneakers by Vivetta: -30%

The imagery of the Gabriela Coll brand has to do with its Spanish and Mediterranean origins, linked to the austere, classic and character of the fabrics. Looking for a wardrobe that doesn't have to change every season, her collections are made up of pieces that age, coexist and can be layered.
The rigid distinction between summer and winter becomes quite rarefied for the Gabriela Coll collections, as appropriate for southern cultures.
Brown denim vest by Gabriela Coll: - 30%
Brown denim trousers by Gabriela Coll: - 30%

SIMON MILLER is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand for men and women, whose creative direction is entrusted to Chelsea Hansford and Daniel Corrigan. Originally founded in 2008 with a focus on niche men's denim, the brand has recently evolved to offer quality French leather bags and shoes, as well as bold collections of contemporary bags and clothing.
Bag "Lunch Bag" transparent, orange color by Simon Miller: -30%

Halfway between a rave party and a foray into a men's wardrobe, Natasha Zinko 's collection freely mixes windowed jackets with bustier dresses, wide trousers in gentleman's fabric and patent leather thigh-high boots, neutral colors and pop hues. The woman who wears her clothes has a free and strong personality and isn't afraid to mix floral prints and leather jackets, sequins and feathers.
Tartan bomber jacket, turquoise color by Natasha Zinko: -30%

These discounts are active only on online purchases you make on the Dadà Concept Store website and Instagram. The items presented are limited in number and the discount is only valid from 8 am on Friday 23 until 8 pm on Monday 26 November.

Don't miss the opportunity to receive Dadà style directly to your home at a discounted price!!
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