A fantastic journey into the world of Fiorucci

"This is the story of a creative enterprise that has involved and brought together people from different backgrounds, absolute beginners and professionals, who meet thanks to Elio, finding themselves part of a multi-faceted project."

Franco Marabelli

400 pages, 600 images, 100 testimonials: the world and creativity of Elio Fiorucci seen from the inside, through the testimonials of those who participated in his fashion adventure. The shops and clothing created by Elio Fiorucci in the late 60s were for the following decades a great creative forge, anticipating many of the trends and fashion proposals of the following generation. This book evokes a joyful, mocking, free world, a conception of unconventional dressing that upset the rules of the bourgeois and conformist world of the 1960s. A choral fresco, told through the texts of those who worked with him, those who knew him and shared his passions, family and friends: architects such as Antonio Citterio and Michele De Lucchi, photographers, artists (Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, who decorated the Milan store in 1983), singers and actors who frequented his stores and his parties. Among the direct testimonies Biba (Barbara Hulanicki), the legendary London inventor of vintage, Oliviero Toscani, Donna Jordan, Terry Jones, Italo Lupi, Alessandro Mendini, Joey Arias.

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