Dodo Baror, the energetic and joyful designer inspired by Middle Eastern

Dodo Baror, the energetic and joyful designer inspired by Middle Eastern

Dorit Baror is an actress, designer and fashion designer in Tel Aviv, known for launching her own brand Dodo Bar Or in 2014, becoming one of the emerging talents of contemporary fashion.

Strengthened by an ethnic style inspired by Middle Eastern charm, the women's fashion collection stands out for its intricate embroideries, vintage lines and the combination of bold colors that enhance the identity of each garment.

She defines her style as a comfortable and very flattering fashion in which clean lines adapt to the curves of the body, with slightly oversized pieces.

She uses beautiful materials, such as leather, silk or velvet that she loves to decorate with embroidery, sequins or leather overlays. She defines her clothed as timeless, representing a perfect combination of modernity and authentic elegance.

Among other influences, Dodo Bar Or is inspired by the Yemen culture that she finds particularly fascinating, especially in the way women include jewelry in their clothes. "For their wedding, they mainly wear black and white clothes, the social status is distinguished only by the jewels: the more they wear it, the more their social status is high. For example, the silver buttons embroidered on a dress indicate a very status high. As I said before, I like to take inspiration from authentic things, full of stories and then reinvent them with the lens of modernity."

The Middle East always returns in her creations, because she has always been living there. Extremely stimulating places, with a very strong culture...colors, smells, foods, shapes, art, architecture, sounds, people, all this is an inspiration for the Israeli designer.

She likes to immerse herself in this raw authenticity, then she gives it a new interpretation and transform it into something modern and current.

She tells of having created, at the beginning of her career, a mini collection that she then presented and sold to friends at home. "I worked hard to collect a multitude of vintage fabrics that I then assembled by hand to make clothes." Each piece was unique, the result of the combination of patchwork fabrics that she had found around. "It was a real success, in one day everything was sold! I was so happy... but then at night I didn't sleep, in a kind of paranoia, realizing that all my art had been scattered in one day." The next day she visited all the women who had bought her pieces, asking to return them. "Everyone thought I had lost my mind, but it didn't bother me much, I just wanted to get my creations back."

Since then, she has earned a reputation as a woman animated by a vibrant temperament and a sharp tongue. It was still that time that she realized she would have to go beyond his limits to develop her brand.

Dodo bar or is a person without fear, self-confident, who knows who he is and where he is going. She does not need to exhibit her sensuality, she is simply sexy even when she is wearing sneakers and oversized clothes. In terms of fashion it is more a precursor than anything else, it does not imitate anyone and creates peculiar trends.

Her energetic and joyful personality also attracted the attention of Franca Sozzani. "Franca was a real inspiration," said Dodo. "In fact, if it wasn't for the 5 minutes I spent with her, I'm not sure I would have come this far."

As the designer says, the two women met at the Tel Aviv Fashion Week, where Franca showed her appreciation for her designs and gave her some career tips.
"After this meeting, I decided to move my production from Turkey to Italy. Franca also made me understand that I shouldn't have been afraid of the whole 'circus' of fashion, and that I should have followed my intuition. I create my very own timeless style, which does not follow any seasonal trends".


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